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Is your relationship irreconcilable, in demise, in legal separation, or in pre- or post-divorce phase?  Sometimes the best efforts can’t put humpty dumpty back together again.  Divorce is the termination of a long-term relationship. It can leave a man in shock, sadness, anger, and cause him to question his self-worth.  This is especially true if sexual or emotional betrayal, the internet, or anger played some role in the break-up. Bright Hearts conducts regular 10 week Rebuilding Workshops to provide men a platform and arena to process feelings, regrets, reactivity, adaptation, coping, self-care, and the restored hopefulness that can eventually come in the context of a confidential group setting.  Let the abridged Divorce Recovery 101 Adjustment Survey help clarify whether you might benefit from the men’s divorce therapy tools you can use to rebuild after your relationship has ended.

The  Divorce  Recovery  101  Adjustment  Survey

Questions T F
1 Do you still feel like somewhat of a failure as a result of your separation/divorce?
2 Do you often lack self confidence that you are a worthwhile, desirable person?
3 Do you feel your social life has been minimal since living solo?
4 Are you having trouble developing the kind of friendships you want?
5 Do you find it hard to do your best on your job since your relationship demise?
6 Do you have extended periods of day dreaming /preoccupation about your situation?
7 Are you drinking or eating more than you did before your relationship changed?
8 Do you have trouble taking over important tasks that your spouse used to do?
9 Do you still talk about your divorce or separation several times per week?
10 Does any contact with, or news of your ex-spouse/spouse still upset you?

If you answered “true” to 3 or more questions you could benefit from a Rebuilding workshop and support group. We encourage you to look at our educational resources as well contact us.

Men’s Divorce Therapy Tools and Workshops

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