It is critical that incoming clients be properly assessed for distant, recent, and current sexual behavior constellations as well past trauma and co-existing disorders.

Therefore, Bright Hearts Counseling offers the most current battery of sexual behavior tests and screening tools available, both written and online.

Thorough screening can:

  • Quickly target deficits and patterns
  • Efficiently identify arousal templates and empirically validated areas of risks

This saves time, resources, and energy being expended in directions that are “dead ends” and therapeutically misaligned with the client’s core needs.


dealing with sexual addiction

Unlike traditional counseling modalities, sexual addiction therapy utilizes a task-based approach that incorporates homework assignments (e.g. reading, surveys, writing assignments, etc.) to help pierce through denial and educate individuals regarding the addiction cycle.

Task-based treatment also helps clients reduce and contain damage and achieve sobriety by adopting a proactive mindset versus mere “avoidance” (i.e a “stop being bad” program) which is fear and guilt based.

Instead of “flying solo” into a status quo of continued isolation the client learns to build a “culture of support” by trusting in others for accountability and encouragement.


Recovery is accelerated and sustained by the encouragement, example, and transparency of others walking the same road.

Bright Hearts CounselingWeekly sex addiction group therapy is an additional option to complement the client’s outside 12-step fellowship  or Celebrate Recovery involvement by adding the advantage of weekly sobriety and well-being  “check ins” in the privacy and intimacy of a small group.

These groups provide the opportunity to receive voluntary, interactive feedback and engage others via participative self-awareness and communication building exercises.

Sharing exercises allow group members to practice setting healthy personal and relational boundaries and begin confronting “thinking errors” while initiating the healing and amends process amidst a safe, non-judgmental, and confidential gathering of peers.  Combined with individual treatment, sponsorship, and 12-step work, SA recovery groups complete the 4th side of a solid and enduring recovery foundation.


Bright Hearts CounselingI have conducted dozens of couples counseling sessions over the years. However, when dealing with sexual addiction, couples counseling is sometimes best deferred until addiction can be assessed and key milestones towards recovery are set in place. At the appropriate time, choosing to conduct a therapist-facilitated disclosure session can provide the turning point for reconciliation and amends with many couples.


Sometimes sex addiction has reached a point where it has impaired major functioning in someone’s life resulting in serious job, family, health, or personal upheaval and consequences. Often sex addiction is co-occurring with other disorders such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, or another diagnosis.

When the combination of challenges in a client’s life results in a situation where they are becoming less and less functional and they seem completely “stuck” and in danger of being unable to carry out responsibilities at work or at home (even with regular outpatient sessions) then a more intensive program can sometimes help restore coping skills and basic thriving.

I worked for over a year in a co-located intensive, 3-week outpatient day program designed to help clients “get back on their feet” via daily group therapy, psycho-educational instruction, individual counseling, devotional goal-setting sessions, and where needed, medication management.

In severe cases I refer clients to both local and regional inpatient and intensive (short stay) treatment programs as their presentation, diagnosis, and individual situation recommend.

Bright Hearts Counseling also provides support for effective anger management and divorce recovery for men. We encourage you to look at our educational resources as well.

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