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Prayer in Counseling

The Color Concordance (e-book)

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Prayer In Counseling

By Jeff VanZant

Prayer-In-Counseling-therapy resourcesPrayer in Counseling is a  bold apologetic for seeing greater use of prayer with the practice of counseling and psychotherapy in faith-based community, pastoral, and mainstream counseling settings.

Using the evidence-based results of the best research studies and client surveys on the efficacy of prayer, the choice to integrate prayer as one of his therapy resources is philosophically and empirically analyzed from every vantage. Practical examples, key filtering questions, and “tried and true” guidelines help the reader find a balance between the two extremes of avoidance/neglect of prayer as well as excessive/unwise usage.

Gathering the best wisdom from the existing literature, the author builds a strong case to view prayer and counseling as unique but complementary avenue for dynamic change in a person’s life.

In light of potential counseling dilemmas and the need for healthy accountability, Prayer in Counseling provides a roadmap to navigate the challenging ethical considerations of when and how to integrate prayer into therapy. Scriptural hindrances to effective prayer are identified and then contrasted against biblical principles and practical direction to make prayer a powerful, healing, and successful spiritual intervention in the counseling arena.


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The Color Concordance

Color-Condordance-Cover-e1301437599101 therapy resourcesBy Jeff VanZant
Another of the therapy resources Bright Heart Counseling provides is this e-book, available exclusively from

Are you looking for a fun, easy way to get to know the Scriptures?

Have you ever underlined or highlighted your Bible, other reading material, or schoolwork?

Do you enjoy things that are simple enough to start using right away without a lot of complicated instructions?

The Color Concordance is a simple yet expandable thematic Bible underlining system that allows anyone from a teenager to a scholar to choose a level of difficulty (starting with 10 and ranging up to 100 themes) and then begin discovering and marking these key themes in Scripture. Each reader can begin the same day using step-by-step “Quick-start” how-to charts.

Because the system uses colors directly from Bible metaphors you can retain themes and categories without a lot of memorization. The whole system reduces down to a single 8” X 11” piece of paper that you can fold in half, put in your Bible, and take with you anywhere!  As you learn the powerful pneumonic (memory) graphic it won’t be long until you can “internalize” the system and not need the reference color matrix chart at all.


The PDF version of your e-book includes the following:

  1. all text instructions and table of contents
  2. all color reference matrices
  3. front, back and spine notebook inserts
  4. “quick-start,” step-by-step how-to charts


Celebration-Matrix therapy resources


You will need to do the following yourself to have a user-friendly manual:

  1. print out the material IN COLOR and 3-hole punch the text portion on the left side
  2. obtain a dark green or blue 1” or 1.5”, 3-ring binder and insert the text material
  3. insert the enclosed front and back covers and spine into the notebook’s outside cover pockets
  4. insert a set of 5 tab dividers where instructed in the body of the document
  5. obtain a set of 10 gel pens, Colorific gel markers, or colored pencils in the exact 10 designated colors listed: brown, yellow, dark blue, orange, green, black , pink, light blue, purple, and red


Click here for a free preview of The Color Concordance (PDF)


Click this link—The Color Concordance—or click the  “Buy Now” button to order The Color Condordance. As soon as your PayPal payment is processed, Jeff will e-mail you  a color PDF file of this e-book.

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